Double Sided Steel Street Light Pole

Our Double Sided Steel Street Light Pole is a smart and strong solution for brightening streets, pathways, and parks. You can use it for your outdoor areas making stylist and attractive. Contact us today to know this valuable Steel Street Light Pole price In Bangladesh. Get this excellent product and shine your streets in the night.


Features Of Double Sided Steel Street Light Pole:

  • Better Lighting
  • Quality Steel
  • Stylist Look
  • Multi-Task
  • Save Space

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Features Details Of Double Sided Steel Street Light Pole:

  1. Better Lighting: Get more light with double fixtures, making areas safer and visible, day and night.
  2. Quality Steel: We made it quality strong steel, these poles can handle difficult weather and keep shining for many years.
  3. Stylist Look: Pick from different shapes, sizes, and finishes to match your surroundings and make them look great.
  4. Multi-Task: They can handle extra features like traffic signals, speakers, cameras, and Wi-Fi.
  5. Save Space: One pole does the job of two, keeping things neat and leaving more ground space.


About Of Double Sided Steel Street Light Poles In Bangladesh:

Our Double Sided Steel Street Light Poles are come with a central shaft and two arms that reach out on opposite sides. They’re easy to install, anchoring into concrete for stability. From old-school streetlights to modern LEDs, these poles can handle several fixtures.  So ups your lights form both sides of the street or walkway.


Types Of Double Sided Steel Street Light Poles Buy In Bangladesh

  • Straight: Classic design with a vertical shaft and straight arms.
  • Decorative: Fancy designs with swirls or custom shapes for extra flair.
  • Tapered: Slimming down towards the top for a sleek look.
  • Solar-Powered: Harnessing the sun’s power for eco-friendly lighting.
  • Multi-Functional: Adding extras like traffic lights or cameras for more utility.


Specification Of Double Sided Steel Street Light Poles In BD:

  1. Height: Available in heights from 3 to 30 meters to fit different places.
  2. Material: Built with strong Q235 steel and its rust protective.
  3. Finish: Powder-coated in various colors to match your style.
  4. Arm Length: Adjusting for different fixtures and lighting needs.
  5. Wind Resistance: Designed to stay standing, no matter how strong the wind blows.


Summary Of Double Sided Steel Street Light Poles:

Our Double Sided Steel Street Light Poles are the good choice for lighting up outdoor spaces. These products with better light coverage, space-saving, attractive design, and style. They’re the perfect solution for streets, parks, and pathways. If you need more visibility or want to add extra features, I hope our wonderful poles have you covered. Make your outdoor brighten with our easy and effective Double Sided Steel Street Light Pole.



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