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Precast Pile Casting & Driving Service

Forever Engineering’s goal is to provide you with the best piling contracting services possible through the use of its skills and knowledge. As piling experts, we’re proud to have completed a variety of projects for national housebuilders, commercial developers, local authorities, and private individuals. We offer a complete range of piling services, including Precast Pile Making, Casting and Driving. Projects are completed with the highest level of quality, and safety is our number one priority.

Scaffolding Item Sales & Rent

As a full-service shop, we provide contractor equipment, scaffolding, and accessories of the highest quality. Whether your project is large or small, we offer a variety of scaffolding sales and services. All of your industrial, commercial, and special event scaffolding needs can be met by our full line of scaffolding products. You can depend on our team to come up with a cost-effective, efficient, and safe solution for you. Our scaffolding engineers provide design, erection, and dismantling services, as well as on-site project management.

Interior & Exterior Design

We are one of the most reputed names in the industry that offers Interior & Exterior Designing Services that enhance the beauty of any decor and create a distinctive look. It is our team’s job to provide specification advice, design, build, installation, and project management services. We strive to provide complete customer satisfaction through our work in order to take care of our customers. With us, you are assured that you will work with professionals who are committed to detail, have reliable work, and are professional.

Building Construction Service

As the country’s best building construction company, we provide the highest quality work. With the help of our skilled professionals, we can complete the Building Construction Services within the timeframes and budgets specified by our clients. We use highly experienced professionals who implement the construction process with utmost perfection in order to provide the best services possible to our clients. We use high-quality construction materials and sophisticated technology to construct durable buildings. Using innovative ideas, our experts transform a simple land into a modern building.

Roads & Highway Construction Service

Forever Engineering offers world-class services for road & highway construction in Bangladesh. Our company has built highways, roads, and developed infrastructure projects. Over the years, we have managed and delivered highway and road projects for all levels of government and the private sector. Our experience includes working with large teams of designers and contractors to deliver complex surface transportation projects. As a result of our collaborative and integrated approach, we have created, rehabilitated, and maintained some of the world’s most iconic highways.

Jetty Construction Service

Being a leading name in the Jetty Construction Services industry, we provide you with the best quality products. Using our expertise and experience, we can build long jetties into deep water for berthing large vessels without dredging. We strive to exceed your remodeling expectations and meet your requirements. Let us assist you in settling your insurance claim thanks to our many years of experience and expertise. Our projects are all completed on time, on budget, and to very high standards of quality. Under our management, we focus on finding the right team of people to deliver the project.

Sheet Pile Supply & Driven

With over the years of experience in pile driving, we offer Sheet Pile Driven services to both the public and private sectors in Bangladesh. With our extensive equipment fleet, we can install sheet piles using vibratory, impact, or vibration-free methods to suit any project requirement. The piles we drive are used for many foundations, including bridges, buildings, retaining walls, and sewage treatment plants. Whether it’s a freshwater or saltwater cofferdam, Forever Engineering has the expertise to build it. Whether it is steel sheet piling, soldier beams or lagging walls, we install them for excavation support.

Bullah Supply And Driven

In many construction projects, Bullah is required as part of the construction process. Among the many Bullah Supply companies in Bangladesh, we are the most popular. We provide bullah to our clients in construction projects, and we also install the bullah.

Sand Pile Driven Service

Forever Engineering’s sand pile driving system delivers exceptional driving performance in a variety of foundation construction scenarios. With the excavator’s hydraulics, we are able to quickly pick up, unload, place, drive, and extract the piling. The system is designed to overcome obstacles such as low overhead clearance and narrow passageways. Our company has a great deal of experience building sand piles for construction projects. There’s an expert in our team who can help you in this area.

Structural & Architectural Engineering Works

As a company, we are experienced in the analysis and design of foundations and structures of all kinds. As part of our Structural & Architectural Engineering service team, we use the latest in engineering software that we use to analyze existing structures, build foundations, and design plant facilities and infrastructure. In order to provide architectural services for projects requiring architectural work, we have a team of professional architects certified in numerous jurisdictions on our staff. No matter if it is an expansion of an existing plant or a greenfield site, our multidisciplinary team has the expertise to handle the entire project from beginning to end.

Drain Construction Service

Forever Engineering specializes in resolving drainage issues in a proactive manner, so major problems won’t occur in the first place. It’s our goal to save our customers valuable time, money, and headaches. With our creative, all-in-one solutions, we take pride in preventative maintenance and repairs. As the asphalt, concrete curbs, and drainage system work together, we are able to filter water into a proper disposal area by identifying the condition and slope of the asphalt.

Boundary Wall Construction Service

As a reputed service provider in the industry, we provide quality Boundary Wall Construction Services. In order to construct walls, we use natural materials. They are available in different sizes and can be used to build houses and buildings in place of bricks and stones. By using the latest building technologies, Innovative Contractor has completed numerous projects neatly and on time in Bangladesh. We build boundary walls that have a perfect finish, last a long time, and are highly durable. We ensure that our clients’ buildings are highly impact-resistant and weather-resistant.

Flyover Construction Service

Since we started building Flyover Construction services, it makes sense we have a special affinity for them. As a flyover construction company, we provide services in new flyover construction, inspection, design, and repair. Due to the fact that we are able to provide a wide range of services, from small specialized repairs to flyover construction, we are able to deliver value to our clients.

Lift & Generator Supply

Our company is a leading supplier of all major types of equipment, including lifts and generators. There is no better company than us in the industry to supply lifts and generators with the quick turn-around customers need and the quality of work expected from us. With our outstanding field service capabilities, expertise, labor-saving equipment, and computerized diagnostic tooling, we have set the standard for lift and generator service. We offer high-quality generators and lifts at a reasonable price, whether you need them for commercial or residential properties. An expert from our team handles the installation and provision of the service.

Dump Truck Rent

Forever Engineering provides a wide selection of dump trucks for rent for a day, week, month or longer. Depending on availability, our inventory may include small dump truck rentals for carrying lighter loads. If you need a heavy-duty hauling model, we can provide bigger models. We can help you determine which truck is right for your application if you are unsure. Throughout each store, you will be guided by well-trained, highly knowledgeable equipment professionals. By eliminating the guesswork from the decision-making process, we’ll deliver a positive outcome.

Excavator Rent

Our company rents excavators at an affordable rate and offers convenient rental options. Clients can count on us for renting heavy construction equipment, such as excavators, at reasonable rates. Our company provides excavator rental services to clients across a wide range of industries. Due to their high performance and proper maintenance, our excavators are highly efficient and productive. Feel free to consider our name whenever you need assistance with renting excavators on a short-term or long-term basis.