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I-joists are one of the best alternatives to conventional solid timber or wood joists. They have excellent strength and stability as well as longer spans. People mainly use them for residential floor and roof framing. Plus, these engineered joists are resistant to warping and twisting. Forever Engineering ltd is one of the best companies for I joist driving and lifting Service in Bangladesh.

We will transport and install engineered wood I-joists for our customers to facilitate efficient construction by ensuring accurate placement and secure structural support.

Apart from Dhaka city, Forever Engineering Ltd offers professional joist lifting and installation services in nearby cities. We are certified as I Joist Driving and Lifting Service provider to ensure expertise, adhere to industry standards, and compliance with safety regulations

best company for I Joist Driving & Lifting
I Joist Driving & Lifting Solutions

Our Team of Experts is Here to Serve You

We at Forever Engineering Ltd have a professional expert team for I-Joist driving and lifting service to ensure precise installation, safety, and efficient handling of materials. Our experienced employees have the ability to navigate potential challenges, resulting in a reliable and well-executed construction process.

Our professional working team will ensure effective communication, collaboration, and a positive working environment, fostering strong partnerships for successful construction projects.

Forever Engineering Ltd offers a wide range of I Joist Driving and Lifting Services. Our expert team emphasizes comprehensive and integrated approaches, including detailed planning, collaborative communication, and quality assurance.

Core Features of Our I Joist Driving and Lifting Services

Minimal Costs

We follow efficient installation methods and workflows to reduce labor and time requirements. This enables us to charge less from our customers.

Heightened Performance

We use advanced equipment and technologies to streamline the installation process and ensure improved productivity.

Regular Training Programs

By providing ongoing training for the team, we update their skills and help them acquire advanced techniques.

Dedicated Safety Awareness

Our employees are highly trained to avoid accidents, mitigate risks, and ensure a secure work environment, fostering a culture of safety.

Exceptional Work Quality

Our top-notch work quality includes accurate and secure placement of I-Joists, rigorous quality checks, and inspections post-installation helped us to stand out from our competitors.

Client-Centric Approach

We prioritize client needs, effective communication, and personalized service to build strong, long-term relationships.

i joist driving and lifting service in Bangladesh

Premier I-Joist Installation and Handling Solutions in Bangladesh

As an I joists manufacturer in Bangladesh, Forever Engineering Ltd is the industry leader in this sector. We have skilled carpenters, construction workers, and crane operators to ensure structural integrity and adherence to construction standards. They will minimize the risk of accidents during construction projects.

Forever Engineering Ltd offers the design, supply, and installation of both traditional and modern I joist for sale. We have four types of I joists to use for light frame construction, including floor joists, deck joists, ceiling joists, and rim joists. These I joists can be used for various residential and commercial floor structures, roofs, and studwork walls.

We use top-quality structural engineered wood products, which have long lengths and high load capacity. Our collection includes a wide selection in various widths, depths, and lengths to accommodate diverse construction requirements and ensure flexibility in design, and precise fits.

Our Machines & Equipments

When it comes to residential or commercial joist handling, a service provider will face a lot of challenges, such as precision, safety considerations, handling heavy materials, efficient logistics, and a commitment to quality assurance. All these can’t be possible unless you have advanced machines and equipment.

Forever Engineering Ltd invested heavily in modern machines and equipment to meet the industry and stand out from its competitors. They contribute to precision, speed, and overall service quality. We have all the necessary joist positioning tools and hardware to ensure a seamless operation and satisfy our clients.

Hydraulic Static Pile Driving Machine

Advanced Cranes

We have different types of advanced cranes, such as mobile hydraulic cranes, crawler cranes, and telescopic cranes. They have appropriate lifting capacity for efficient and precise placement of I-Joists. They have a moderate speed level to ensure overall operational efficiency without compromising safety.



Forever Engineering ltd uses counterbalance forklifts and rough terrain forklifts to efficiently transport, lift, and position I-Joists during installation. It enhances logistics, reduces manual labor, and contributes to a smoother construction process. The type of forklifts we use will vary depending on the specific needs and conditions of the construction site.



We use various types of hoists, such as electric chain hoists, wire rope hoists, etc. depending on the specific requirements and weight capacities of the I-Joists being handled. They provide precise control and efficient lifting with consistent speed and accuracy.

Precision Cutting Tools

Precision Cutting Tools

Forever Engineering ltd uses different advanced cutting tools, such as modern saws, laser cutting machines, CNC Routers, etc. to accurately cut and shape I-Joists according to project specifications during installation. These cutting equipment allow our workers to perform various cuts, like cross-cuts, straight cuts, angled cuts, etc. They come in handy, especially for intricate designs.

Advanced Measurement and Leveling Devices​

Advanced Measurement and Leveling Devices

We use a wide range of measurement and leveling devices to ensure accurate alignment, placement, and leveling during installation. For instance, laser levels are used for precise horizontal and vertical alignment, Digital Inclinometers are used for measuring angles and slopes accurately, and 3D Laser Scanners are used to capture detailed 3D measurements for complex structures.

Our Work Gallery

Dive into our gallery of accomplishments where each image tells a story of precision, dedication, and innovation. These snapshots from various projects across Bangladesh showcase our commitment to transforming ideas into tangible realities. From intricate designs to massive structures, our gallery reflects the breadth of our expertise and the depth of our passion for I Joist driving and lifting.

It’s not just about the projects we’ve completed; it’s about the countless challenges we’ve overcome and the innovative solutions we’ve employed. Explore our work, and see for yourself why Forever Engineering Ltd. stands out in the industry.

Why Choose Us?

Expert Craftsmanship

Our skilled carpenters and technicians equipped with extensive experience, meticulously execute I-Joist installations. Their precision and attention to detail guarantee structural integrity, meeting and exceeding industry standards for excellence in construction.

Timely Delivery

Our efficient logistics system ensures on-time project completion, minimizing delays. From precise scheduling to streamlined transportation, we prioritize punctuality, providing clients with the assurance of timely and successful I-Joist driving and lifting services.

Custom Solutions

We specialize in tailoring our approaches to meet diverse construction needs. Whether it's unique project requirements or specific I-Joist specifications, our flexibility ensures personalized solutions that address the individual challenges of each construction endeavor

Your Best Choice for I-Joist Driving and Lifting Services in Bangladesh

With a skilled workforce, modern equipment, and custom solutions, Forever Engineering ltd has become a leading company for I Joist driving and lifting services. We aim to build reliable customer relationships to foster trust, understand client needs, and secure repeat business, ensuring long-term success in the industry.

Whether it is a small or huge project, we give equal importance to all to ensure consistent quality, client satisfaction, and a positive reputation. This approach helps us maintain credibility and secures a strong position in the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We implement strict safety protocols and provide comprehensive employee training to ensure optimal safety.

We conduct a thorough project assessment and collaborate with the client to understand his/her needs. Then, we tailor plans and approaches accordingly.

The state of Bangladesh has issued Forever Engineering ltd to provide I Joist driving and lifting services in Bangladesh. Besides, each client will get a certificate of insurance for the particular project.

We have extensive experience in I-Joist driving and lifting services, successfully completing numerous projects with a focus on precision, safety, and client satisfaction.

We will immediately assess the issue and collaborate on the problem with the team. Finally, our experts will adjust plans and implement corrective measures promptly.

At Forever Engineering Ltd., we don’t just build – we create lasting legacies through our I Joist driving and lifting services. With a combination of expert craftsmanship, timely delivery, and custom solutions, we’re dedicated to achieving excellence in every project. Our skilled workforce, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and a commitment to safety, ensures that each construction endeavor is not only a success but also a benchmark in the industry. As you’ve seen in our work gallery, our projects speak volumes of our capabilities and our dedication to quality and client satisfaction. Choosing Forever Engineering Ltd. means partnering with a leader in I Joist services, where your vision becomes our mission.