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If you want to create a stable building or structure, a strong pile foundation is a must to resist a lateral load. Forever Engineering Ltd stands as an example of excellence in Bangladesh’s bustling construction sector. 

We offer affordable and comprehensive pile load testing services to ensure safety, reliability, and strong vertical structure through a dedicated pile foundation. You won’t have to worry about erosion and scouring.

Forever Engineering Ltd is one of the best pile load testing service providers in Bangladesh. Our commitment is to meet and exceed the industry standards, ensuring that each project stands firm against the tests of time and nature. With an eye for quality and economy, we offer solutions that balance cost-effectiveness and uncompromising reliability.

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best Pile load test company in Bangladesh

We Have An Expert Pile Load Testing Team

We at Forever Engineering ltd have a professional team of experts. They will accurately interpret test results, identify potential issues, and provide informed recommendations for structural integrity and safety. Our employees can minimize project risks through their understanding of soil behavior and construction practices.

Engineers from different backgrounds are involved in our team, such as civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, and structural engineering. They design the test, analyze soil conditions and behavior, assess the load-bearing capacity, interpret data, and ensure safety.

Core Features of Our Pile Load Testing Services

Static and Dynamic Load Testing

Forever Engineering Ltd can conduct static (sustained load) and dynamic (impact load) tests on different pile types (drilled, driven, etc.) to assess the behavior under different loading situations.

Axial and Lateral Load Testing

Our professional team can apply and measure both axial (vertical) and lateral (horizontal) loads to analyze the pile's capacity in every direction.

Instrumented Testing

Forever Engineering ltd has the capability to integrate instrumentation (inclinometers, strain gauges,) into the test setup to assess pile movement, strain distribution, and other important criteria.

Testing Procedures

We follow relevant national and international standards and codes (ASTM, BS EN ISO, ACI, etc.) for test procedures and data collection to ensure consistency and reliability.

Professional Reporting

Forever Engineering ltd follows a comprehensive test reporting system, which includes outlining test procedures, results, and analysis. We will also recommend our clients for pile design, construction, or remediation.

Site Preparation and Logistics

Before doing the pile load test, we will appropriately prepare the site, including access, utilities, and environmental considerations. It will help us to maintain a smooth test execution.

the machine used in pile load test

Top Pile Load Testing Service in Bangladesh

When it comes to choosing the best pile load testing services in Bangladesh, you can’t overlook some important criteria, such as range of testing methods, quality of equipment, safety protocols, compliance and accreditation, etc. At Forever Engineering Ltd, we offer flexible testing solutions tailored to your project’s specific requirements at an affordable price..

Besides, we have experienced testing technicians. They conduct the test, collect data, and maintain equipment. Our dedicated members will ensure consistent quality, a deep understanding of specific procedures, and commitment to project success through continuous involvement and expertise.

Our Machines & Equipments

We use advanced instrumentation for a better understanding of load transfer mechanisms, soil-pile interaction, and potential failure modes. This helps our engineers to make informed decisions on foundation design, construction practices, and load capacity limitations.

Besides, our modern machine and equipment help our engineers find more efficient and cost-effective solutions and mitigate risks associated with pile failure. The following are the most commonly used instrumentation during our pile load testing services.

strain gauges

Strain Gauges

We use this machine to measure the load distribution of the pile itself under load. It enables us to determine the relationship between load and displacement of pile head and obtain soil strata mobilized resistance. Engineers will apply loads through induced shear forces to assess their structural behavior accurately.

Load Cells

Forever Engineering ltd uses high-quality load cells to quickly assess the applied load on the pile. It enables our engineers to get precise and instantaneous load readings. This advanced equipment helps us to observe and examine the pile’s behavior under various loading conditions.

Settlement Gauges

Settlement Gauges

We use settlement gauges to assess the vertical displacement or settlement while performing the pile loading test. This device is mainly used to determine the pile’s stability range, where it will stay in a safe zone without causing any potential structural problems.



Forever Engineering ltd uses Inclinometers to assess the lateral movement (tilt) of the pile under large lateral loads. This helps our experts understand the pile’s bending behavior and determine possible weaknesses or movements that could affect the structure’s stability.

Borehole Extensometers

Borehole Extensometers

We use this highly sensitive instrument to accurately determine the distribution, magnitude, rate, and acceleration of deformation in the soil at various depths. Our experts use the data to find the relationship between the pile and the soil by monitoring the change in soil movement.

Our Work Gallery

Explore our Work Gallery to see the excellence and precision of Forever Engineering Ltd’s Pile Load Testing services. Each image showcases our commitment to delivering reliable, accurate testing outcomes tailored to meet our clients’ foundational requirements. Experience the difference through our visual portfolio.

Why Choose Us?

As a premier provider of Pile Load Testing services in Bangladesh, we distinguish ourselves through our exceptional work quality and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Safety Protocols

We prioritize safety throughout our testing process to minimize the risk of accidents, injuries, and property damage. Forever Engineering ltd will adhere to industry standards and regulations.

Reliable Data and Analysis

Our expert team utilizes sophisticated data acquisition systems to ensure accurate and reliable results. This enables us precise analysis and evaluation of pile performance during load testing.

Dedicated Project Management

We assign a dedicated project manager for every single project. This helps us ensure effective communication and seamless execution, enhancing overall project success and client satisfaction.

Timely Delivery

Forever Engineering ltd is committed to delivering timely and efficient pile load testing services to ensure minimal disruption to construction schedules. This helps our engineers to make informed decisions promptly.

Competitive Rates

We offer competitive rates by optimizing operational efficiency, reducing overhead costs, and leveraging economies of scale without compromising our service quality.

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Forever Engineering Ltd has qualified geotechnical engineers and experienced testing technicians who can handle various types of projects. They will make informed decisions based on the soil types, pile types, and project size.

We will satisfy our clients throughout the overall offered value, which includes experience, expertise, and additional services. Most importantly, our professional team will maintain their typical turnaround time for reports and ensure it align with your project schedule.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Engineers mainly perform three types of pile load tests: static load tests, dynamic load tests, and statnamic tests. However, some engineers divided pile load tests into two types: the preliminary pile test and the working pile test.

It takes only 1-2 days for the actual test. However, the curing time before performing the main test is around 28 days, especially for concrete piles. But factors like the testing method, pile size, project specifications, etc. will affect the pile load test duration.

Most pile load testing service providers follow the ASTM D1143/D1143M standard for pile load tests. It is a standard test method for deep foundations Under Static Axial Compressive Load1.

Engineers mainly use static load tests to determine the pile’s final ultimate load capacity. But if the pile load is too heavy or collapses accidentally, experts may utilize rapid settlement. They may sometimes don’t establish the load during the pile load test.

Forever Engineering Ltd embodies excellence in pile load testing in Bangladesh, offering unmatched expertise and innovative solutions. Our commitment to safety, precision, and cost-effectiveness ensures every project’s foundation is strong and reliable. Choosing us guarantees client satisfaction through timely, efficient service and enduring construction integrity. Trust Forever Engineering Ltd for a foundation that stands the test of time. If you still have any queries regarding our pile load testing services, feel free to give us a call or send a message!

Our professional team will provide you with detailed pricing information and ensure there are no hidden costs or unexpected fees. If you still have any queries regarding our pile load testing services, feel free to give us a call or send a message!