A Leading Construction Company in Bangladesh

Forever Engineering ltd has established itself as the top construction company in Bangladesh through its breadth of experience as a construction contractor. We use time-tested tools and the latest construction technology for enhanced precision, speed, and safety.

Our professionals utilize a wide range of machines and equipment for various construction projects, such as excavators, bulldozers, cranes, dump trucks, concrete mixers, power tools, etc. These tools help our employees to handle various critical tasks, such as excavation, lifting, hauling, and building.

We can significantly enhance our accuracy in measurements and reduce material waste by using these specialized machinery. Our professionals will also use various safety equipment, such as PPE, fall protection (harnesses, guardrails, and safety nets), fire safety equipment (fire extinguishers and fire alarms), and traffic control devices (cones, signs, and barricades).

Precast Pile Making & Driven

We offer precast pile casting & driving services in the construction industry, we provide safe, cost-effective, and innovative deep foundation solutions.

Sheet Pile Driven & Lifting

Forever Eng Ltd provides Sheet Pile Supply and driven services in bangladesh. We provide the best Sheet pile foundation with a cost-effective sheet pile solution.

Cast in Situ Piles Services

Cast in Situ Piles

Forever Engineering Ltd is your go-to for Cast in Situ pile services, ensuring solid foundations. Our technique is quick, effective, and eco-friendly.

Sand Pile Driven

We Are Providing Sand Pile Driven Service In Bangladesh Because We Are The Most Trusted Name For Sand Pile Solutions In This Industry. Contact Us Now.

PHC Pile Supply & Driven

Elevate your projects with Forever Engineering Limited, your trusted PHC pile supply and driving service provider in Bangladesh. Quality-driven solutions for a solid foundation.

Load Test of Pile

Effective pile load testing services in Bangladesh for robust foundation insights. Trust our expert solutions for reliable and safe construction works.

I Joist Driving & Lifting

We give solutions for I-Joists lifting and driving in Bangladesh. Our Experienced engineers will help you with their expertise in your construction projects.

Building Basement I H Joist Basin Plant

Get your building basement solutions with Forever Engineering Ltd. Explore our I H Joist construction expertise for robust, eco-friendly basin plants.

Jetty Construction

Forever Eng Ltd provides Sheet Pile Supply and driven services in bangladesh. We provide the best Sheet pile foundation with a cost-effective sheet pile solution.

Bullah Supply & Driven

As a full-service engineering company, Forever Engineering can design and construct both temporary and permanent sheeting and shoring systems

Interior & Exterior

Boost your interiors & exteriors with our expert touch. Get eye-catching design and superior craftsmanship with Forever Engineering Ltd in Bangladesh.

Container House

Forever Engineering Ltd are a leading container house seller in Bangladesh. We also supply container restaurants and container offices.

Shipping Container Supply

Forever Engineering Ltd Provides the best shipping container supply services. We are your trusted and cost-effective shipping container supplier in Bangladesh

Container Office

Workspace solutions now with our Container Office in Bangladesh. It’s efficient, adaptable, and uniquely designed for your business success.

Steel Building

Welcome to visit durable steel building structures crafted by Forever Engineering Ltd. Build your dream with our quality, and expertise in construction

Building Construction

We are providing one of the Top building construction services in Bangladesh. We always believe in quality work. You can Trust us for construction solutions.

Roads & Highway Construction

Building better roads in Bangladesh, our road construction expertise ensures safer, smoother journeys for all. Trust us for quality highway solutions.

Drains Construction

Drain Construction in Bangladesh for smooth and effective water management. We have smart solutions for durable and efficient drain construction services.

Bridge Construction

Forever Engineering Ltd is an Expert in bridge construction services in Bangladesh. For lasting infrastructure. Building bridges that stand the test of time

Boundary Wall Construction

Forever Engineering is the best construction company for boundary wall construction services in BD. Trust our skilled team for quality boundary structures.

Flyover Construction

Forever Engineering Building better flyovers in Bangladesh to connect communities smoothly. Enjoy improved travel on our well-made flyovers and bridges.

Tiles Constructions

Give a fresh look with our excellent tile construction in Bangladesh. Upgrade your interiors easily with our skilled craftsmanship and quality tile materials.

Scaffolding Item Sales & Rent

Are you searching for dependable scaffolding solutions in Bangladesh? You can purchase or rent scaffolding equipment from us to secure construction projects.

Glass & Aluminium

We are a specialist in glass and aluminum solutions. We bring your dreams to life with care and precision. Contact us for glass aluminum services in BD.

Lift & Generator Supply

We provide lift and generator supply services in Bangladesh anywhere. You can easily boost efficiency and safety through our dependable supply services.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning - HVAC

We are the Expert HVAC solutions in Bangladesh for superior heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Trust us for a breath of fresh, controlled air.

Fire Fighting System

Experience advanced fire protection systems in Bangladesh with Forever Engineering Ltd. Trust in our proven solutions for unmatched safety and security.

Epoxy Coating

Transform surfaces with durable Epoxy Coating solutions in Bangladesh. Forever Engineering Ltd is your trusted choice for superior epoxy coatings services.

Retrofitting Construction

We are Upgrading buildings with retrofitting services in Bangladesh. We ensure long-lasting strength and resilience through retrofitting construction solutions.

Repairing Construction

Forever Engineering Ltd is an expert in repair construction services in Bangladesh. Enhance your structures with our skilled workers and low-cost support.

Waterproofing Construction

Get the best waterproofing services in Bangladesh from us. Forever Engineering Ltd is your reliable choice for expert waterproofing solutions in Bangladesh.


Efficient dismantling solutions in Bangladesh. Streamlined processes for safe and eco-friendly disassembly services. We are your trusted partner in BD.


Discover efficiency in action with our expert excavators. Experience superior performance and versatility in digging. Contact us now for start your excavation journey here.

Land Development

Forever Engineering Ltd. is changing your thinking with skilled land development in Bangladesh. Our expert team makes eco-friendly spaces for a better future.


Transform your outdoor space with expert landscaping services in Bangladesh. If you need better landscaping design come to us at Forever Engineering Ltd.

Precast Pile Making

We are a high-quality precast pile maker in Bangladesh. We ensure durable foundations for your projects. Trust us for expert precast pile-making solutions.

Here at Forever Engineering ltd, we are committed to delivering projects of purpose. Our extraordinary teams are building inspiring construction projects while leaving a lasting positive legacy. These projects create a positive impact on our country’s economy and employment.

As the best construction company in Bangladesh, we aim to create country cleaner, greener, and safer place to live in while tackling critical environmental challenges effectively.  

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Leading Industrial Building Construction Company

Our professional team consists of various types of professionals from different backgrounds, such as architects, civil engineers, structural engineers, project managers, construction managers, quantity surveyors, site supervisors, safety officers, etc. They collaborate with each other to ensure successful planning, design, execution, and completion of construction projects.

As one of the best commercial building construction companies, we have specialists for sustainable construction, technology integration, and regulatory compliance to address modern challenges and stay competitive in the evolving construction industry. Also, they know how to utilize 3D printing technology to identify and address design flaws before construction begins.

Our professionals will utilize tools like Building Information Modeling (BIM) to streamline project management, design, and collaboration, reducing errors and delays. Besides, they are well-trained to use advanced technologies, like drones and sensors to enhance site monitoring and safety, minimizing risks and accidents.

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Before starting any building construction project, we will assess the project’s feasibility which will provide us insight into the technical challenges and opportunities about the project. Our experts will take proper assessments to make informed decisions on materials, methods, and resources needed, leading to a more efficient and successful project.

Our experts will analyze soil conditions, soil stability, topography, drainage, access points, and potential zoning or environmental restrictions. This helps us to make an informed design based on the design, foundation type, and construction methods.

We will also identify and address potential risks like weather delays, material cost fluctuations, or unforeseen site issues to avoid costly surprises. As one of the best construction companies in Bangladesh, we will try our best to understand client requirements and expectations that ensure a proper alignment with the building construction project.