Scaffolding Catwalk Board

Forever Engineering Ltd offering excellent Scaffolding Catwalk Board price in Bangladesh. These boards are crucial for keeping workers safe and materials secure at construction sites. Let’s learn more with us about this product.


Features Of Scaffolding Catwalk Board:

  • Manufactured with quality
  • Stay Sure-Footed
  • Customizable
  • Easy to Use
  • Safety First

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Features Details Of Scaffolding Catwalk Board:

  1. Safety First: Our catwalk boards prioritize safety, meeting and even exceeding strict regulations to protect workers at all times.
  2. Manufactured with quality: Crafted from tough steel or lightweight aluminum, these boards stand up to tough conditions without wearing down.
  3. Easy to Use: With simple installation and compatibility with most scaffolding systems, these boards make setup a breeze.
  4. Stay Sure-Footed: Designed with anti-slip surfaces, our boards ensure workers have solid footing, even in tricky weather.
  5. Customizable: Available in various sizes and types, there’s a catwalk board to suit every project, no matter the scale.


About Of Scaffolding Catwalk Board In Bangladesh:

Our Scaffolding Catwalk Boards come in rectangular shapes with raised edges for extra stability. Whether you choose steel, aluminum, or wood, you’ll get a reliable platform that gets the job done. Steel planks are tough and weather-resistant, while aluminum offers a lighter option. There’s something for everyone, from standard planks with hooks to walk-through designs for easy maneuvering.


What Types Of Scaffolding Catwalk Board Buy From Us:


  • Steel Plank with Hooks
  • Walk-Through Plank
  • Aluminum Plank
  • Platform Plank

Specifications Features Of Scaffolding Catwalk Boards:

  1. Length: Customizable from 1 meter to 4 meters
  2. Width: Standard options of 380mm, 450mm, and 500mm
  3. Material: Steel, Aluminum, Wood
  4. Thickness: Typically between 1.0mm and 2.0mm for steel planks
  5. Load Capacity: Standard steel planks handle over 200kg/m²

Summary Of Scaffolding Catwalk Board:

Our Scaffolding Catwalk Boards are your trustable product for any construction project. With their focus on safety, ease of use, and adaptability. These boards are the best choice for professionals. Keep your crew safe and your project on track with our reliable catwalk boards.


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