Scaffolding Fixed Double Coupler

Scaffolding Fixed Double Coupler keeps your scaffolding stable and safe in the construction project. It’s the key piece that securely joins two scaffold tubes at a solid 90-degree angle. If you are setting up at a construction site, this little connector does big work. Get in touch us for the Best Scaffolding Fixed Double Coupler Price In Bangladesh.


Features Of Scaffolding Fixed Double Coupler In Bangladesh:

  • Safety
  • Strength
  • Easy to Fit
  • Rust Protective
  • Fits With Different Tube

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Features Details Of Scaffolding Fixed Double Coupler In Bangladesh:

  1. Strength: It’s made from strong steel, and it can handle heavy loads without breaking.
  2. Easy to Fit: Just slide it on and tighten with bolts or wedges no fancy tools required.
  3. Safety: Engineered with locking mechanisms and meeting all the safety standards.
  4. Rust Protective: With zinc-plated or hot-dipped galvanized finishes, it’s ready to stand up to rust and tough weather.
  5. Fits With Different Tube: Designed to work with different tube sizes, anyone can choice it for multiple project.


About Of Scaffolding Fixed Double Coupler In BD:

The Scaffolding Fixed Double Coupler is made up of two main parts. First one is the body, which has slots or holes to slide the tubes into, and the fastening mechanism. Which is secures everything in place with bolts, wedges, or screws. The 2nd one is Drop Forged Double Coupler, for heavy-duty jobs. The Pressed Double Coupler is more budget-friendly choice for lighter loads. Do you need something beefier? There’s also the Girder Coupler. Its perfect for connecting larger diameter tubes or beams in heavy-duty projects like bridge construction. These couplers come in different sizes to fit various tube diameters. They all are with zinc plating or hot-dipped galvanization for fight against rust. Load capacities vary, but they’re all made to meet international safety standards like BS1139 (Part 2) & EN74.


Types Of Scaffolding Fixed Double Coupler Buy In Bangladesh:


Specifications Of Scaffolding Fixed Double Coupler:

  1. Material: Steel (forged or pressed)
  2. Sizes: Available for various tube diameters (e.g., 48.3mm, 60.3mm)
  3. Finish: Zinc-plated or hot-dipped galvanized for corrosion resistance
  4. Load Capacity: Typically ranges between 2 to 7 tons
  5. Standards: Manufactured to meet international safety standards like BS1139 (Part 2) & EN74

Summary Of Scaffolding Fixed Double Coupler:

The Scaffolding Fixed Double Coupler is one of the trustable, strong, and safe temporary structures for building construction project. Its simple design, solid construction, and compatibility with different tube sizes make it a favorite among professionals. Whether you’re tackling a heavy-duty project or something lighter. These scaffolding couplers have got you covered. Just remember to check the load capacity and size specs for your specific work, and always put safety first when working with scaffolding.


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