Scaffolding Jack Base

Our scaffolding jack base is one of the most important part of your construction project. You must need to bring it for stable and safe scaffolding work, even on bumpy ground. These are like the feet of your scaffold, keeping everything steady and balanced. Let’s explore more with us about these handy tools.


Features Of Scaffolding jack Base:

  • Adjustability: Easily make your scaffold level on wonky surfaces, so it won’t wobble.
  • Carrying Capacity: Designed to handle specific weights to keep workers safe.
  • Strength: Made from tough steel to withstand rough conditions and last long.
  • Simple Setup: Adjusting them is a breeze with a basic screw mechanism.
  • Types: You can find ones that fit different scaffold systems.

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About Of Scaffolding jack Base:

A scaffolding jack base has a few parts, like a plate at the bottom, a screw in the middle, a nut for adjusting, and sometimes extra safety bits. The plate spreads the weight evenly, while the screw helps you adjust the height to get things level. If there’s a nut, it makes adjusting easier. Some models have extra safety features to keep everything secure. Made from strong steel, they can handle tough jobs and rough weather without giving in. Plus, they’re designed to be easy to use, so you can set up your scaffold quickly and get to work.


Types Of Scaffolding jack Base:

  • Cuplok Base Jacks
  • Kwikstage Base Jacks
  • System Scaffold Base Jacks
  • Heavy-duty Base Jacks
  • Double Nut Base Jacks


Specifications Of Scaffolding jack Base:

  • Load Capacity: Can hold anywhere from 2 tons to over 10 tons, depending on size.
  • Base Plate Size: Determines how much area it covers and spreads the weight.
  • Screw Travel: Shows how high or low you can adjust it.
  • Material: Usually made from steel, with a coating to protect against rust.
  • Compliance: Made following safety rules like BS EN 1065 or OSHA regulations.

Summary Of Scaffolding jack Base:

Scaffold jack bases are one of the most important parts of scaffolding system. It always keeping your scaffold steady and safe. Pick the right type for your needs, considering how much weight it can handle, if it fits your scaffold system, and if it meets safety standards. Always follow the instructions to set them up safely and keep your construction site secure.



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