ASTM SCH40 pipes

ASTM SCH40 pipes are also known as schedule 40 pipes. These pipes are widely used in industries and construction. Especially we made this product with multiple sizes, well balanced, strong strength-to-weight ratio. They’re approved by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). We are ensuring that our product is 100% pure quality full and reliable.


Features Of ASTM SCH40 Pipes In Bangladesh:

  • Cost-Effective Price
  • Easy To Welding
  • Wide Size Range
  • Standard Sizes
  • Multiple Use

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Features Details Of ASTM SCH40 Pipes:

  1. Standard Sizes: You’ll find these pipes in common sizes. It easy to switch between different manufacturers without any hassle.
  2. Wide Size Range: From small to large, these pipes come in sizes ranging from ½ inch to 24 inches, meeting various project needs.
  3. Cost-Effective Price: Offering a good mix of strength and thickness, these pipes are budget-friendly for projects.
  4. Easy To Welding: It’s a weldable steel, connecting and crafting with these pipes is straightforward.
  5. Multiple Use: You can use it for water, gas, air, or structural support.

About Of ASTM SCH40 Pipes In Bangladesh:

ASTM SCH40 pipes are primarily crafted from carbon steel like ASTM A53 Grade B. They come in two main types: 1. seamless and 2. Welded. Seamless pipes, made from a single piece of steel, offer great strength and pressure resistance. On the other hand, welded pipes are formed by welding a steel plate into a cylindrical shape. We providing more affordable product with slightly less strength. Beyond carbon steel, these pipes also come in stainless steel, PVC, and CPVC, catering to different needs. Their standard sizes, wide range of options, and easy fusing make them a reliable. You can choice them for multiple industrial and construction tasks. Whether it’s transporting fluids, providing structural support, or fencing. These pipes are up to the task, offering a balance of strength, affordability, and reliability.


Types Of ASTM SCH40 Pipes:

  • Schedule 10: Thinner walls suitable for low-pressure needs.
  • Schedule 80: Thicker walls designed for higher pressure and temperature.
  • Schedule 160: Even thicker walls for heavy-duty, high-pressure applications.

Specifications Of ASTM SCH40 Pipes Price:

  1. Pressure Rating: It’s depending on the material, size, and temperature.
  2. Dimensions: Determined by nominal diameter and schedule number, with corresponding outside diameter, inside diameter, and wall thickness values available.
  3. Material: Typically made from ASTM A53 Grade B carbon steel, but other materials like stainless steel, PVC, and CPVC are also available.
  4. Length: Typically sold in random lengths from 10 to 20 feet, but custom lengths can be arranged.


Summary Of ASTM SCH40 Pipes Price:

All ASTM SCH40 pipes are the practical choice for a wide range of industrial and construction projects. Their reliable sizes, affordability, and easy to use make them a popular support for contractors. Just make sure you understand the different of the types, specifications, and pressure ratings. After you can pick the right pipe which one you need for your works.



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