Outdoor Solar Street Lamp

Our Outdoor Solar Street Lamp is the best for outdoor lighting and security. This lamps combine eco-friendly solar power with advanced LED lights and integrated camera. It’s providing both illumination and surveillance for streets, pathways, and parking lots. Outdoor Solar Lamp decrease your electricity bills and save your money. That’s like a cost-effective lighting solutions for you. If you want to buy the best Outdoor Solar Street Lamp In Bangladesh contact us now.

Features Of Outdoor Solar Street Lamp In Bangladesh:

  • Bright LED Illumination
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Weatherproof Design
  • Camera Technology
  • Motion Detection

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Features Details Of Outdoor Solar Street Lamp With Camera:

  1. Bright LED Illumination: Our Solar Street Lamp will give you brighter nights.
  2. Camera Technology: Keep an eye on your surroundings with built-in cameras, adding an extra layer of security to your outdoor spaces.
  3. Motion Detection: Only light up when needed. Our lamps are equipped with motion sensors, activating the camera and light only when movement is detected.
  4. Wireless Connectivity: Stay connected effortlessly with Wi-Fi or cellular options, allowing remote access to live footage and settings.
  5. Weatherproof Design: In difficult weather our lamps are always give you their best performance.


About Of Outdoor Solar Street Lamp With CCTV In BD:

Outdoor Solar Street Lamp is the perfect blend of modern technology, with eco-friendly design. Its Powered solely by the sun, these lamps not only save you money but also reduce your carbon footprint. With long-lasting LED lights, your outdoor spaces will be well-lit without draining energy resources. It’s integrated with cameras, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your property is always under surveillance. With motion detection technology, you’ll only use power when needed, further enhancing efficiency. Stay connected with wireless options, allowing you to monitor your surroundings from anywhere. Whether it’s streets, pathways, or parking lots, our Outdoor Solar Street Lamp is one of the smart choice for lighting and security.


Types Of Outdoor Solar Street Lamp Buy In Bangladesh:

  • All-in-One Units: Everything you need in a single housing – solar panel, LED light, and camera.
  • Split Systems: Flexible placement options with separate components for solar panel, light, and camera.


Specifications Of Outdoor Solar Street Lamp

  1. Solar Panel Power: Choose from 20W to 300W depending on your lighting and camera requirements.
  2. LED Wattage: Get the brightness you need with varied options.
  3. Camera Resolution: From 720p to 4K, ensuring clear images and recordings.
  4. Storage: Internal or cloud storage options available for your convenience.
  5. Connectivity: Stay connected with Wi-Fi, cellular, or no connectivity options.


Summary Outdoor Solar Street Lamp:

Our Outdoor Solar Street Lamp offers a simple and effective solution for your outdoor lighting and security. With energy-efficient LED lights, integrated cameras, and smart features like motion detection and wireless connectivity. These lamps provide reliable performance day and night. Choose between all-in-one units or split systems to suit your preferences. Rain or shine, our lamps are ready to light up your streets, pathways, and parking lots while keeping an eye on your surroundings. So, you can get the hassle-free lighting with our Outdoor Solar Street Lamp.



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