The Procedure for Installed Cast in Situ Piles in Modern Architecture

installed cast in situ piles

Cast-in-situ pile construction involves deep excavation and complex construction techniques. You must consider the soil conditions, load-bearing capacity, and other factors.  Most importantly, it involves many highly skilled labourers as you have to do everything on-site. Hence, it will take longer than precast piles and helical piles. In this article, I will walk you through […]

Unlocking New Spaces: Innovative Ways to Utilize Shipping Containers

Utilization of Shipping Container

Shipping containers were invented in England in the late 18th century. Standard shipping containers were first used in the USA in 1956. Bangladesh first started using shipping containers in the Chittagong Port in 1981. However, the utilization of shipping containers went beyond the port. Apart from storing and transporting goods, they are used for building […]

Unlocking Comfort: The Complete Guide to HVAC Installation for Bangladeshi Homes

installing hvac system

In Bangladesh’s tropical warmth, where seasons dance between sultry summers and mild winters, the quest for indoor comfort has become more relevant than ever.  Installing an efficient Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is central to achieving this comfort. This comprehensive guide dives deep into the essentials of HVAC installation, tailored specifically for Bangladeshi […]

How Container Offices Can Be Designed and Customized for Construction Site?

Construction offices are mainly for temporary purposes. Buildings are time-consuming and expensive options. However, creating construction offices from shipping containers is an affordable option. Most importantly, it is highly portable and allows for quicker setup. In this article, you will learn the advantages of building a construction site container office and how to create it. […]

Cast in Situ Pile Usage: Revolutionizing Modern Construction Techniques

cast in situ pile usage

Cast-in-situ piles were first invented in the late nineteenth century by A.A. Raymond. It was patented as a Raymond pile system in 1897. This piling method is economical and practical for effectively placing concrete piles in various construction projects. Extensive cast-in-situ pile usage is observed in different soil conditions. In this article, you will learn […]

How to Convert Shipping Container into House in Bangladesh?

convert shipping container into house

Are you wondering how to convert a shipping container into a house? Shipping containers are a cost-effective option for building functional and stylish homes. Their prefabricated structures allow you to construct your dreamy house quickly. This unique, customizable, and portable shipping container can be the perfect choice for creating a truly personalized living space. Compared […]

How to Drive Sheet Piles: Methods, Problems, and Solutions

How to Drive Sheet Piles

A type of pile, sheet, or spile, used as a column of the word steep or sometimes concrete to support a structure driving into the ground, is called sheet piling. Arther William (2021) defines Sheet Piling as a vertical interlocking system that creates a continuous wall. These walls are utilized to retain either soil or […]