Shipping Container House

Are you looking to build your dream Shipping Container House with a touch of uniqueness and sustainability? Don’t worry Forever Engineering Ltd providing you quality full container houses in Bangladesh. Contact us now & Place your order here.

Features Of Shipping Container House:

  • Temperature Control
  • Unique Designs
  • 100% Rust Protection
  • Smart house for Living
  • Eco-Friendly house

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About Shipping Container House

Our Shipping Container House is sustainable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly housing solution. All of product designed to meet the demands of modern living. We create this from recycled shipping containers. We reduce our environmental impact while offering a unique and stylish housing alternative. This commitment to extend beyond materials with options for rainwater harvesting systems, solar panels, and energy-efficient.


Specification Of Shipping Container House:

  • Material: High-quality steel construction ensure for your durable structure.
  • Insulation: Our insulation materials are superior thermal performance for enhanced comfort.
  • Size: We have available sizes ranges for your needs. Contact us for single-container or multi-container configurations, whatever you wants.
  • Design: We will create your home design uniquely. It must customizable with quality finishes, and fixtures. We confirm you that suits your tastes and needs perfectly.
  • Foundation: We are making variety of foundation types, including concrete slabs, piers, and helical piles, to suit different site conditions.


Shipping Container House Price in Bangladesh

We are providing Cost-effective shipping container home in bangladesh by leveraging pre-existing containers. We significantly cut down on material costs and construction time. We are making your homes an attractive option for those on a budget. Plus the modular nature of shipping containers allows for multiple floor plans. We ensuring that every space is tailored to your needs.


Summary Of Shipping Container Home

We are offering Shipping Container Houses. Our houses durable, sustainable, customizable, and comfortable for living. We have improved insulation, with eye catchy designs, and smart features. Choose our eco-friendly container houses from various sizes, and enjoy your personal lifestyle.


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