Galvanized Road Safety Guardrail

The Galvanized Road Safety Guardrails in keeping our roads safe. These guardrails are very important parts of modern highway construction and Roads infrastructure. This Road Safety Guardrails designed to protect drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and roadside objects from accidents. Contact Us to know more about this product.


Features Of Galvanized Road Safety Guardrails In Bangladesh

  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Types Of Variety
  • Strength
  • Safety

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Features Details Of Galvanized Road Safety Guardrail:

  1. Low Maintenance Cost: The galvanized coating reduces the maintenance cost.
  2. Corrosion Resistance: The zinc coating on these guardrails prevents rust and corrosion. We ensuring that our product will give you long-lasting performance in any challenging weather.
  3. Types Of Variety: Guardrails come in different types and configurations to fit multiple roadside environments.
  4. Strength: We made it from strong steel, these guardrails can withstand significant impact forces.
  5. Safety: Galvanized guardrails absorb impact and redirect vehicles, and minimizing damages.


About Of Galvanized Road Safety Guardrail In BD:

Galvanized road safety guardrails consist of three main parts: the guardrail beam, posts, and hardware. The guardrail beam, usually made of corrugated steel, is the horizontal barrier. Vertical posts support the beam and connect it securely to the ground. Various bolts and fasteners ensure everything stays in place.


Types Of Galvanized Road Safety Guardrail Buy In Bangladesh:

  • W-beam guardrail
  • Thrie-beam guardrail
  • Box beam guardrail
  • Bridge railing

Specifications Of Road Safety Guardrails:


  1. Material: High-grade steel, specified thickness, and strength.
  2. Dimensions: Beam length, height, and post spacing.
  3. Performance: Different levels of impact resistance (TL-1 to TL-4).
  4. Coating: Thickness and adherence of galvanization.
  5. Compliance: Meeting international standards like ASTM and AASHTO.


Summary Of Best Road Safety Guardrail:

Galvanized road safety guardrails are very important for modern traffic safety. It will providing reliable protection for drivers and pedestrians. Buy road safety guardrails from us with following standards. We ensures you they will perform effectively and keep the roads safe.


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