Utilization of Shipping Container

Unlocking New Spaces: Innovative Ways to Utilize Shipping Containers

Shipping containers were invented in England in the late 18th century. Standard shipping containers were first used in the USA in 1956. Bangladesh first started using shipping containers in the Chittagong Port in 1981.

However, the utilization of shipping containers went beyond the port. Apart from storing and transporting goods, they are used for building houses, offices, restaurants, and many other purposes. In this article, you will learn the versatile usage of shipping containers.

What Are the Advantages of Shipping Containers?

Shipping containers are beyond boxes. They have unique advantages that you can utilize for your creative and budget-friendly projects.

High Durable

A regular shipping container lasts around 25 years. However, freight shipping containers have an average lifespan of 35-40 years.


A single shipping container can be used for various other purposes. It can be used as an alternative to building materials, making it eco-friendly.

Safety and Security

Manufacturers construct shipping containers using high-quality Corten steel. They are equipped with special roll-door locks to provide enhanced safety and security.

Lower Transportation Costs

A standard shipping container can hold at least 1000 kg of weight. All items transported inside a shipping container are considered a single item, reducing the total transportation costs. 

Advantages Of Shipping Containers


Shipping containers have a lower initial cost and long-lasting value than traditional building materials. It saves you money in the long run as you reuse it.


Shipping containers can be easily transported in ships, trucks, and trains and withstand the rigours of transportation without damage.

Easy Storage 

Shipping containers are made of high-quality materials. Harsh weight conditions and tough handling will cause no or minimum harm. You don’t have to spend on expensive packaging material.

Why Do We Use Shipping Containers?

Shipping containers are mainly used for transporting goods by rail, road, sea, or land. They facilitate intermodal transport. These large steel boxes are made from heavy-duty steel to ensure long-lasting durability and safe storage.

More than 90% of products are transported through shipping containers via truck, train, or ship, whether by sea or land. These storage vessels transport various items, such as foodstuffs, crude oil, raw materials, industrial equipment, electronics, clothing, toys, iron ore, diesel, and petrol.

More than a dozen types of shipping containers are available to transport different items. Tank containers carry hazardous or non-hazardous liquids and gases. In contrast, high-cube shipping containers are well-suited for bulky or lightweight cargo.

Utilization of Shipping Container

Shipping containers are extensively used for purposes other than storage. You can utilize them to build a house and many other things. Let’s learn about them!


You can make various types of tiny, luxury, A-frame, multi-story, and single-store homes from shipping containers. For instance, one or several containers can be used in an ample and cosy living space. A-frame homes are perfect to create a unique and stylish container house design from shipping containers.


Shipping containers can be used to build various kinds of offices, such as compact, modular, open-plan, construction site, multi-story, and portable offices. If you need temporary office space, you can create portable offices with shipping containers. You can also develop offices for construction sites.


You can construct a wide range of restaurants from shipping containers, such as quick-service restaurants, food truck alternatives, pop-up restaurants, themed restaurants, bars and pubs, coffee shops, etc.

Bathrooms and Toilets 

Various types of bathrooms and toilets can be made from shipping containers, such as basic functional bathrooms, comfort-focused bathrooms, single-user toilets, multi-stall toilets, family toilets, themed toilets, etc.

Top Shipping Container Supplier in Bangladesh

Forever Engineering Ltd has been in the shipping container industry for over a decade. We have earned a leading position in this market through our industry expertise, strong supplier network, high-quality products, competitive pricing, wide range of inventory, exceptional customer services, and digital presence & marketing.

We focus on every potential aspect to differentiate ourselves, attract new customers, and make them our committed regular clients.

utilize shipping containers to build a house

As an environmentally conscious company, we prioritize using old containers to reduce waste disposal. Plus, our company offers green modifications such as solar panels or rainwater collection systems. We also partnered with responsible recyclers to minimize waste and promote a circular economy.

Why Should You Buy Shipping Containers from Forever Engineering LTD Bangladesh?


Different Sizes of Containers

We sell various sizes of shipping containers from 8 feet to 45 feet. Our professionals can also customize them based on your needs.

Various Types of Containers

Our company sells different types of shipping containers, such as standard, high cube, half-height, open-top, open-side, double door, flat rack, and swap bodies.

New and Old Containers 

We sell both brand-new and used shipping containers. New containers have high structural integrity and a clean and unblemished appearance. Old or used options are suitable for temporary structures, remote locations, and eco-conscious and budget-constrained projects.

Market or Lower Price

Our company sells shipping containers at the market or a lower price. Hence, you don’t have to worry about paying anything extra.

High-quality Containers  

Whether you buy new or old shipping containers, we aim to provide top-quality products. Our professional team checks various factors when buying old or a few time-used shipping containers, such as water tightness, structural integrity, cargo door functionality, CSC plate & paint, and overall condition.

Lifetime Warranty 

We offer a lifetime warranty for our shipping containers. Our services include repair, panel replacement, CSC plate renewal assistance, and free inspections. However, the warranty will become void from any wear and tear, extensive damage, or modifications made by the purchaser.

Experienced Professionals

We have an experienced professional team to ensure smooth operations, high-quality products, and satisfied customers, which includes inspectors, logistics & shipping coordinators, mechanics/repair technicians, and sales & customer service.

How We Deal with Our Clients?

As a top shipping container supplier in Bangladesh, we follow a well-designed customer-handling process.

Top Shipping Container Supplier in Bangladesh

Pre-sale Services

Depending on the project, several sales representatives will work as consultants to understand your needs and recommend the best shipping container.

Our experts will demonstrate our clear pricing structures and explain the warranty terms. They will also communicate our potential limitations directly, honestly, and openly.

We use several communication channels, including phone, email, and online chat, to respond quickly to our customers’ inquiries. This helps us build loyal and committed customers.

During Sale Services

Once you choose your preferred product, we will provide accurate specifications about the shipping container and its delivery timelines.

We can also provide customization services like door or window modifications, painting, etc.

They are also available if you need additional services, such as delivery or lifting. We will continuously update you about the order and estimated delivery date.

After-sale Services 

Our customers will get after-sale services after getting the product. They will get lifetime warranty services. However, our professionals will explain our warranty process and how to claim it.

They will also clearly mention the terms and conditions that may void the warranty. We also offer ongoing customer service to answer your queries, solve problems, and provide guidelines. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Shipping containers are strong, durable, and inexpensive, making them ideal for various architectural applications.

Shipping containers offer several benefits as building materials, including durability, cost-effectiveness, and speed of construction. They are designed to be robust and weather-resistant, which makes them ideal for constructing safe and sturdy homes. Additionally, they can be much quicker to convert into livable spaces than traditional construction methods, often resulting in lower labour costs.

While shipping containers have many advantages, they also come with challenges. One significant disadvantage is their need for insulation and climate control, as the metal can conduct heat and cold more readily than traditional building materials.

Shipping container homes can be less expensive than traditional homes, but the cost advantage depends heavily on the design and location. Simple designs with minimal modifications can be significantly cheaper, while elaborate, multi-container projects might cost as much as conventional homes due to the need for extensive changes and specialized labour.

Yes, shipping containers can be stacked to create multi-story structures. They are inherently designed to be stacked when loaded onto cargo ships, making them structurally suitable for vertical constructions. This capability allows for creative design possibilities in residential and commercial architecture, such as multi-story homes and office buildings. However, proper structural support and adherence to local building codes are crucial when stacking containers for safety reasons.

Shipping containers can be used in cold climates but require proper insulation to be livable and energy-efficient. Spray foam insulation is commonly used because it provides thermal resistance and a moisture barrier. Additionally, installing a heating system and ensuring no thermal bridges (uninsulated metal parts that connect the interior with the exterior) are crucial to making a container home comfortable in colder regions.


When you consider shipping container utilization, you have so many options. These containers have durable steel construction. They are available in standard sizes, so you can easily stack and transport them. You can also go for modular configurations. Their weatherproof design makes them the best alternative for building materials. Hopefully, the above article gave you a clear idea of the possible ways of using shipping containers in different fields without spending too much money.

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