Mirsarai Economic Zone Factory List

A Detail Guide on Mirsarai Economic Zone Factory List

Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority (BEZA) strives to significantly change the country’s socio-economic conditions by establishing economic zones. The Mirsarai Economic Zone (MEZ) is strategically located in the nation’s southeast and symbolizes Bangladesh’s goal to become a global center of industry. It is a beacon of opportunity, inviting both domestic and foreign investors to join in its development. 

We at Forever Engineering LTD are proud to be a part of the Mirsarai Economic Zone. We have demonstrated our commitment to influencing the nation’s infrastructure and fostering economic growth by our engagement in the establishment of the Mirsarai Economic Zone.

Many domestic and foreign investors have already invested in this economic zone. Therefore, today, we will know about some of the Mirsarai Economic Zone Factory List. So, let’s get started.

Summary of Mirsarai Economic Zone

Figure 1- Mirsarai Economic Zone
Figure 1- Mirsarai Economic Zone

Mirsarai Economic Zone, known as Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Shilpa Nagar, is being constructed in Feni’s Sonagazi Upazila.

The Mirershorai Economic Zone (EZ) is the first multi-sector EZ in the country, with 30,000 acres of land. However, considering development matters, the Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority (BEZA) is designing to add another 13,000 acres along with the 30,000 acres. 

The proposed Mirershorai EZ could fulfill the conditions necessary to become a thriving economic zone in the country. The EZ’s formal establishment is to address the huge demand for industrial plots among both the local and foreign investment communities.

One of Bangladesh’s giant conglomerates, Bashundhara Group, is setting up a factory on 500 acres of land.

This zone will serve as a significant investment area for the garment sector. As we know, the garment sector is the backbone of Bangladesh’s economy.

These zones have special economic regulations that differ from those of the rest of Bangladesh. An entrepreneur can enjoy several facilities from authorities when setting up an industrial unit within them.

Mirsarai Economic Zone, Bangladesh’s biggest industrial reserve and first multi-sector economic zone, will be developed in 30 phases.

Location of Economic Zone Mirsarai

The Mirershorai EZ site is located at the end of the eastern side of the Bay of Bengals. The coast and Mirershorai Town surround it. It is located just 10 km west of the Dhaka-Chittagong Highway, 11.5 km west of the railway station nearby, and 60 km south of Chittagong City. 

The Shah Amanat International Airport in Chittagong is located 79 kilometers south of the location, while the seaport is 67 kilometers south. The closest market, Azampur Bazar, is located just 2 kilometers north of the area.

Mirsarai Economic Zone Factory List

The Mirsarai Economic Zone Bangladesh aims to grow several industries, including manufacturing, electronics, textiles, pharmaceuticals, and the automotive sector. These sectors not only boost the country’s economy but also give locals job opportunities, enhancing their standard of living and lowering poverty in the area. Let’s see the Mirsarai Economic Zone Factory List in Bangladesh.

  1. Garments & Garment Supporting Industries
  2. Integrated Textiles
  3. Leather and leather products
  4. Motorbike Assembly
  5. Food & Beverage
  6. Paint & Chemical
  7. Paper & Products
  8. Plastics
  9. Automobile Parts
  10. Pharmaceutical products
  11. Power
  12. Solar Park
  13. Coal-fired Power Plant 600MW
  14. Coal Handling Jetty with stockyard

One of the Mirsarai Economic Zone’s most important features is its well-planned infrastructure. This includes the roadways, electricity, water supply, and telecommunication networks necessary for efficient industrial activities. The zone also provides several advantages, including tax cuts, duty exemptions, and reduced administrative procedures, to help with business setup and operation.

Major Investment in Economic Zone Mirsarai

BEPZA Economic Zone- Mirsarai

BEPZA has been allocated 1150 acres of land in Mirsarai EZ. For the past 37 years, BEPZA has had extensive experience developing and maintaining industrial parks.

BGMEA Garments Park

The Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) owns the 500-acre ready-made garment factory park, which is situated in Chattogram’s Mirsarai Economic Zone. It offers a prime location for expansion and investment.

Bashundhara Industrial Economic Zone in Mirsarai

Bashundhara Industrial Park will be established by the country’s leading industrial partnership, Bashundhara Group. They have signed an agreement with the Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority (BEZA) for 500 acres of land in Mirsarai/Feni EZ.

Ananta Group in Mirsarai

Ananta Group plans to establish six new yarn and fabric manufacturing facilities in Mirsarai EZ. One of the top exporters of clothing, Ananta Group, and BEZA signed a land lease agreement on November 7, 2017. So that Ananta Group could build six factories in the Mirsarai Economic Zone Bangladesh (MEZ). 

For 50 years, Ananta Group has owned 250 acres of land. With its estimated BDT 3500 Crore investment, the company hopes to employ 25,000 people.

Kunming Iron & Steel Holding Company Limited

This state-owned Chinese company will invest an outstanding amount of 2.13 billion in Bangladesh to establish the Iron and Steel Industry Park. The Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority (BEZA) and Yunnan Yongle Overseas Investment Co Ltd signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on November 29 to establish this Park in Bangladesh.

Foreign Company in Mirsarai Economic Zone

Bangladesh’s EPZs have attracted investments from international businesses from China, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, and several Western countries. Light engineering, electronics, medicines, and textiles, and clothing have reaped the most benefits from these investments.

14 foreign and local companies have signed lease agreements with Bepza to set up their factories in Mirsarai Economic Zone. As of November 2023:

  • China-owned KPST Su (BD) Company Limited, 
  • Japan’s Nippon Steel, 
  • McDonald Steel, 
  • Paints, 
  • Samuda Food and Marico Company.

Why Mirsarai Economic Zone?

  • Direct access to waterways.
  • Well connected with national highways 1 Only 67 km from Chittagong Sea Port and airport.
  • Attractive incentives for investors
  • Offers hassle-free land and is backed by a comprehensive government initiative.
  • Ensures the provision of vital services such as gas, electricity, sweet water, access roads, railways, and seaports, creating a conducive environment for businesses.
  • Potential industrial hub of Bangladesh.

How is Forever Engineering Involved in Mirsarai Economic Zone’s Development?

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We have discussed the Mirsarai Economic Zone Factory List. The Mirsarai Economic Zone is home to a wide range of factories in different industries. It demonstrates the area’s increasing significance as a center for Bangladesh’s industrial development. Mirsarai’s importance as a manufacturing and production center is underscored by the presence of numerous factories in industries ranging from garments and textile to electronics and pharmaceuticals.

As the Mirsarai Economic Zone evolves and expands, it promises to remain an important part in Bangladesh’s industrial landscape. It encourages innovation, collaboration, and prosperity for many years to come.

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